I Train people 40-65 who want to stay fit and live their best lives!

In-person training at home or in the gym.

​I’m Jeff Linke, certified professional trainer.

My commitment to fitness has been important to me throughout my life. In high school I played every sport I could, and I’ve been weightlifting for the past 25 years. Now, I want to share that commitment with you and guide your fitness to new heights! My personalized fitness plans are designed to boost your strength, endurance, muscle definition, energy level, and overall health. And you know you can trust me – I’m certified.

  • Certified ISSA Trainer
  • NSCA Professional
  • CPR Certified
  • Attended Phil Kaplan’s Personal Training Seminar
​Chad, who is taking part in the 8 week body transformation program, is looking to gain muscle and burn fat.
Kim has been a client of mine for over 2 years. She comes in and does a great job. She is in my muscle gain for fat loss program. ​
Levi and Greg are in my 12 week body transformation program. Both Levi and Greg come in with great attitudes. ​
Kurt has been a client of mine for over 2 years. He is in my mass muscle building program. When Kurt was 141, he is now 152 with great muscle mass. ​